5 years in 60 seconds | Gianni Pittella


5 years in 60 seconds


A 60 second video summing up the best and most difficult moments of my last 5 years in the European Parliament as Vice President. And lastly, an invitation for your vote in the European elections on May 25, which will be the deciding moment in saving all the good which has been achieved throughout the last legislature in the European Parliament and in which to announce, with vigour, the changes which will be made in Europe.

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   Alessia Setaro ci racconta la sua storia ed il perchè ha scelto di restare qui #sudprotagonista
 Io ho votato. Vi ricordo che è possibile farlo fino alle 23 di questa sera e che ci stiamo recando alle urne per eleggere i 73 rappresentanti Italiani in Parlamento Europeo.  Ora a Viggiano (Pz) #sudprotagonista

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