Government egos are responsible for the latest Lampedusa tragedy – Gianni Pittella

Government egos are responsible for the latest Lampedusa tragedy

Another tragedy at sea. More lives lost. And once again we go around in sackcloth and ashes, cursing Europe for its guilty negligence. But the only guilty ones, once again, are the governments which make up the EU. Their sefishness and blindness, which prevents and underlines vetoes and the indifference as far as immigration policies and border control, under the auspices of the community.  The Italian government, Sicily, Lampedusa, have, up until now, done everything possible, committing substantial resources to the operation ‘Mare Nostrum’, in order to save migrants and human lives. But without the European Union, without a community immigration policy which makes it obligatory for individual member states to share the burden of governing, at all stages, the migrant flows coming from Africa, we will continue to morn innocent lives and start to point the finger of blame at Europe. Those guilty, those responsible, are the governments and their egos, not the EU.

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